Sunday, December 30, 2012

Social skills for moral people

Many people are fed up with their mum, and even when they are fully grown up, they still fight for room for their own choices without their mum deciding things for them. So if their mum, lika many mums do, claimed to be moral, they have learned to avoid that obedient type of "moral" that just means that their mum dominates. So if you claim to be moral, they instantly start to think about their mum, and instead of attcking their mum they attack you.
There is the same problem with school, since it too claimed to be moral and was not wise in wisdom of life. Your moral may be mistaken as obedient school likedness and opposed fiercely.
Many who are evil, pretend to be moral and boss people around. Also the stupid like to do that. So rules are typically opposed and instead common sense that tastes like life is ´valued.
Also, you may look alienated from your true self, too soft, without realism, etc.
You avoid these pitfalls and the hundredfold number of enemies that they bring, if you stick to being ordinary or roughly ordinary and emphasize the selfish grounds for your moral choises. Also an inclination toiward a happy life is accepted by most. A view of the whole in thinking, is typically accepted as a characteristic of your way of thinking, even if it brings perfect moral, and is not opposed. Emphasizing life instead of rules is generally agreed about and even valued.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bastards versus everyday ways

Every time that a plan is intelligently enough made, it aloows everyday life to run smoothly without anything special, things just go easy for all.
But if someone cannot follow so complex thoughts and thinks that they are just a mess of nonsense, they typically try to replace such well working plans by simpler more clumsy alternatives that have some idea, lots of rich sounding claims without proper grounds and have consequencies that are not thought of and lead to failures, generally to harm to smaller ones or more sensitive ones. The more intelligent others see those faults, compare to the original commonly agreed well working plan that allows everyday life run nicely, and say to him or her: "You bastard, you cannot do that!". The stupid one thinks: "These bastard like ways bring money and position.", since that is his/her best guesss of what a good plan for success in the world looks like. But of course he/she is badly, sadly mistaken, all wrong! And the nice everyday ways much more intelligent!
A stupid plan typically has lots of straight lines and boxes and the like, lots of clumsy guesses without proper grounds and ruthless running over obvious facts that are too difficult for him/her to take into account but which others and everyday ways can well care for in nice objectively intelligent ways. Good plans look realistical like the sensed reality in it's complexity, and taste like life and not like some institution. Good plans care friendlily for, since they are so skilled: succeed a lot, in big and small matters, and fail only rarely and even then in only little matters. Good plan care for life and for the ground of the future, good plans have wisdom of life and responsibility. Poor plans play everything on some onbe card of which they cannot be sure of to succeed but on which everything is placed, grounded on trust on words without the ability to check important things for sure always by all roughly moral or otherwise healthily living ones like common sense and wisdom of life demand.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Children upbringing and moral

Kinderkarten aged children make lots of estimates of what would be a good tactic in the world and in life. Here is what you can teach them about such estimates, so thaqt they learn to think them through correctly in a way that supports lots of things that adults find worthy and agrees with a happy allowing kind of moral that brings strenght in the world and a happy fullfilling life:
Healthy is strong and happy. Broken does not function at all and even partly functioning is weak and does not work well. Each time that you want to estimate the strenght of some tactic, apply the comparison healthy versus broken to each whole. The biggest wholes influence the most, so it matters the most to get them healthy. A healthy part of a healthy whole is rthe best tactic in everything. The whole world is the biggest whole, it is important to keep it healthy. Of enemies it matters more that they should be healthily parts of the bigger wholes that you belong to, than it makes sense to avoid them being strong.
In tools, rechnology and other man-made things "healthy" means fully functioning, optimized to several purposes at the same time (like evolution or god's wisdom in creation work) and meaningfully used in the light of one's whole picture of the world. Everything healthy is the best tactic in the world.
In the future scenariuo that machines, mafia or enemy nations take control, one can opitmize things for their benefit: everything healthy gives the best working force etc. See

Friday, August 24, 2012

Skill looks like moral

(What would you answer, if someone asked you: "I suppose that you are average intelligent?" "Umph, well... eh..." "Ok, I take it that you are roughly average intelligent.")

If you are not skilled in what you do, you get:
- lots of failures
- a lot lost
- only few successes
- successes are little things
- the arrangements are contradictory and thought only at the level of the parts
- lots of work needed
- only a little benefit
If you were considered average, you would appear to be evil because of these drawbacks that you should have avoided.

If you are skilled, you get:
+ only  few failures
+ all the failures are minor ones
+ lost only a little
+ lots of successes
+ successes on fine great things
+ harmonical solutions in which things work well together and everything is thought also from the point of view of the whole
+ only a little effort
+ big benefits so gained
If people would mistake you for average, they would think that you are moral.

Count the end result holistically

If you are stupid and watch only the most easily noticeable facts, it is easy to cheat you and even if you are alone, you will not see the end results of what you do. So as you make estimates of what is best for you, do not count only the money or whatever benefit you are planning to get, but also form a true picture of the whole landscape: what are the full consequencies of all the things done and all the things left undone. Would you now choose the same way? Or what would be even better? Please choose that!

Orienteering and a holistic view

Thinking things through with a good holistic view often brings a moral result if the person is selfish to begin with.

From orienteering you learn the usefulness of a holistic view:
If you walk in a forest without a holistic view of the landscape you get easily lost even if you make masses of glimpses to your nearest environment and even further away. But if you first take one long glance around at the whole landscape and so form a map like picture of where you are, you will find it easy to go where ever you wish, without you getting lost. This is very much the same things as the usefulness of a holistic view in manoveuring in the world.

Asians often have not noticed this difference in the effort needed and in the quality of the end result.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Soft style and tough realism

If you have a moral, religious, friendly, good willing, emotional, beautiful or otherwise nice style, you may wonder what you should do when you meet nasty evil tough guys that are intent on attacking you. Then the situation clearly demands tough realism, so choose a healthy course in every sense, since that is sthe strongest and wisest tactic. If you can make healthy versions of your ordinary choises, healthy in every respect, then that allows you to keep your nice tactic and still be soldier like realistic.

Look at a tree while you ponder

Look at a tree while you ponder about any important matter or much influencing factor of your life, like a habit for example.
Looking at a tree while you ponder and choosing those thoughts and actions that feel most natural to you while you look at a tree, makes you more intelligent, socially wise, gives you wisdom of life, emtional wisdom etc. It makes you more successfull!

This way in practice

NOT like this: If you start by trying to be very moral, you still need to care for your own needs too and in most people that produces nasty counter movements to overly good willing primary arrangements. So those who start with compassion often end up being overly cruel.
Instead DO THIS: If you start by being purely selfish, preferably with a holistic view of the world, and only finish your deeds by making some quite small adjustments to your purely selfish plans so as to be roughly moral in major matters and fairly good willing toward others, you can often achieve almost perfect moral in practice without it being a burden of any kind.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Guarding moral (an observation)

Different people have different life situations and different social environments. Due to that they have different possibilities in life. They also need different amounts of different things. What one dearly needs a lot may be a horror to another without either one lying or pretending. For example the stupid need schooling while the intelligent ones do better when they can do things in their own ways.
People say no when they do not need something. If that does not stop the excess in that thing, they turn careless toward that thing. And if that either does not stop the excess, they turn hostile toward that thing in their lives and hostile toward those who try to force more of that to their lives. But if someone lacks something, they ask for it or try to arrange3 it otherwise and they feel very satisfied when they have it. If they lack it even more, they take it seriously, if needed, they will dedicate their whole lives into getting it and arranging that possibility in the world.
Since the needs of people differ, one should meet each person's needs separately and avoid offering any unwanted extra to anyone, especially if others need that thing, because otherwise those who have extra will sabotage the living possibilities of others. For example some people need rights to influence the society morally while others think such rights too trusting and naive and try to sabotage such rights away. The social position of each person should failry rerflect these kinds of differencies of who cultivates what, and who does not. The area that each person affecvts should not exceed the area that she7HE CARRIES RESPONSIBILITY OVER.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paradise Game

Please try this game! It is a superb one. Recommend it also to others!

Paradise Game
The goal of the game: A paradise for all fairly
The game board: The whole world
The allowed moves: Whatever you can do in your life
Superb Prices: The winners get a paradise like life, really! This is true!

Please play!