Sunday, December 30, 2012

Social skills for moral people

Many people are fed up with their mum, and even when they are fully grown up, they still fight for room for their own choices without their mum deciding things for them. So if their mum, lika many mums do, claimed to be moral, they have learned to avoid that obedient type of "moral" that just means that their mum dominates. So if you claim to be moral, they instantly start to think about their mum, and instead of attcking their mum they attack you.
There is the same problem with school, since it too claimed to be moral and was not wise in wisdom of life. Your moral may be mistaken as obedient school likedness and opposed fiercely.
Many who are evil, pretend to be moral and boss people around. Also the stupid like to do that. So rules are typically opposed and instead common sense that tastes like life is ´valued.
Also, you may look alienated from your true self, too soft, without realism, etc.
You avoid these pitfalls and the hundredfold number of enemies that they bring, if you stick to being ordinary or roughly ordinary and emphasize the selfish grounds for your moral choises. Also an inclination toiward a happy life is accepted by most. A view of the whole in thinking, is typically accepted as a characteristic of your way of thinking, even if it brings perfect moral, and is not opposed. Emphasizing life instead of rules is generally agreed about and even valued.

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