Friday, July 31, 2015

Justice in hierargies brings good will in return

Typically if you have difficulties with people not being at all moral, you have assumed a much much too high position in hierargy, a position that demands much more skill than what you have and much more good will and wisdom of life than what you have, so that people get angry about yoi messing their lives badly or that when you try to guide something you do not have the faintest idea of how it works well. But then if you assume the position which justice determines to you, then these problems get solved, you respect the wisdom of others and get treated well in return.
Similarly, if you assume a much too low position compared to your skills and your amount of moral, then it is like neglecting caring about important things and so other people who copy from you run around carelessly and some not at all wise men speak out loud. If you then assume your correct position according to justice and care about things, decide to somewhat, things find their places, there is peace and love around and people treat you with peace.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Avoiding causing great harm

Often worst deeds are with complete disregard for the value of the things in question. They are done because the person does not care about those things so he/she throws them away, sets them aside from the road of other things without paying attention to what happens to them.
They are typically situations where he thinks that those things do not matter in the world - and that if they would matter, he/she would have no power to influence them. So when it ends in a disaster, it is typically so that neither the person doing wrong, nor the victim, have decided who has power to influence things if it is a big thing in practise for someone. Instead it has been some third party saying that now the man dicedes the hen's life or the like, maybe someone who was estimated to be a neutral side watcher but who instead was an enemy of the woman and a sexual admirer of the man to a degree that makes no sense.
Things like this happen also when people want to distance themselves but a third party forces them to be close. Like when children grow up and people think taht they need some other adult, some like-minded adult to support them and they call that kind of adults "mothers", and then some idiot (a sexual admirer of the biological mother?) thinks that it is their biological mother who should get to influence their lives so much more than this far, which neither the mother or the adult child want, and so they end up the mother destroying the life of her child in order to get distance.
So it matters a lot that third parties should not be allowed to command people to be close or influential in each other's lives.
It also matters a lot that if you do not care about something or someone, do not touch that thing in the slightes, do not influence that person's life in the slightest - or it will be the biggest worst evil deed in your life.