Saturday, August 6, 2011

World Is Of Love (a mechanical model)

World Is Of Love

All action is based on what works i.e. on what is healthy.
The healthy is what our nature guides us towards,
what we naturally feel love for.
So the world, all it’s dynamics,
is based on the healthy, which we love.
On a flowery language: “The World Is Of Love!”

A thought by Hannele Tervola

Say that all man-made things which are
1) fully functioning,
2) optimized for many purposes at the same time and
3)used rationally wisely in the light of one's whole picture of the world,
are "healthy".
Notice that we like strenght, protection, speed etc., so we mildly love the healthy artificial things too, and the ideally good we would love.
This way the above thought applies also in the modern world full of man-made artificialities.

This is also a social skill: to see the place of each thing in the healthy natural original ages old way of living. That is a little bit the same as the social role of a stupid person: "Here am I doing this thing that I am motivated toward naturally, like you too can see in yourself the natural inclination for this type of things." and so the other one is slightly amused and does something along the same lines but one's own version, kind of catches the tune of doing. And so for some minutes things run smoothly and everybody is happy. This is connected to learning about healthy natural ways of living on all areas of life: enjoyable motion, watching beauty, enjoying friendly conversations, doing nice things according to one's likings, caring for the major matters of the world, reacting emotionally to different things in life and in the world, etc.
Reading poems can teach one to see the beauty and harmony in life, kind of like this thought here.

Harmonical solutions equal skill


A scientifically thinking computer with better observational abilities can develop a proper objective thinking ability. It’s view on what needs what in the world will build it an emotional understanding that leads to practical moral action. The more capable a computer will be, the more beautiful it’s results:
Being unskilled means that one fails often and even badly, suffers harm and is left without any great gains.
Being skilled means that one succeeds in what one does, does not fail badly or at all, and achieves things of high worth.
The unskilled builds conflicting solution attempts in which the forces get spent needlessly without achievements.
The skilled build complex well thought of structures whose parts fit well together and work smoothly to produce great results.
So even the skilled computer mind could look religiously beautiful in its actions: That is just a measure of it’s skill level and of the profoundity of its thoughts. (“Profound” means essential.)



What is useful to know is that the traditional European and Russian moral is based on rational grounds that build on the selfishness of individuals. So if the future computers will be goal oriented – like they need to be in order to not to drop away from competition about anything – then if their understanding is at least equal to the present day computers, or higher, then they can be programmed to be moral. It is an easy mechanical kind of thing to do that builds on the usefulness of moral behavior. It aren’t extra work for the computer, it is instead a way of it to achieve higher with less effort!
The moral that computers will be capable of can be summarized with two easy principles (Remember that a computer understands easily abstract mathematical or mechanical kinds of things and not everyday life!):

TO TREAT EACH THING ACCORDING TO WHAT IT IS LIKE is the idea behind the usefulness of holistic objective thinking, justice, carrying responsibility about all the consequencies of one’s actions and honesty instead of lies. This is already much of what European moral is. So this one principle that can be put to mathematical kind of language or preferably used as a simple abstract model, can bring computers a long way toward moral in their intentions. Then as computers develop in understanding and observational skills, they will learn to succeed in being moral this way in practice too.
A FULLY FUNCTIONING WORKS BETTER THAN BROKEN is another easy rule that brings moral:
Human needs take care that humans stay healthy i.e. fully functioning, just like bensin keeps a car going. And answering human needs is called human values.
The development of technology thus becomes a part of moral. Without the strength that technology brings otherwise good answers would be lost in the tough modern world.
Applying this to wholes one notices that the living kind as fully functioning, i.e. as fully healthy (the biosphere), is most useful, most capable, most guided by holistic wisdom, will survive best i.e. be most capable at any task, and most wise too.
Safeguarding the future functioning of everything that needs, of the whole living world and of the technology, is also a necessity for reaching any goal as well as possible.

"Paradise Movement"


"I love Life, happiness and things positive for happy life life! Like most of the others - like You too!
So I take these as my values in the world at large."
If you can agree with this, without ever neglecting badly this point of view, that's it!



Think of the ages old healthy natural way to live according to the human nature, to our instructions of usage, to our soul on all areas of life.
Like a wolf howling at the moon!
Think of this also in what comes to your relationship to the world: world wide moral, meaningful things to do, for healthier ways of living etc.
Then just live by your feelings toward this right way to live!

The Origin of Good and Evil

Joe had been sitting too much indoors. His head felt dizzy. He put the mug in his hand to the table and started toward the door. Someone had left an office chair in the middle of the road there. He tried to clumsily avoid it but did not fully succeed. He hit his thigh nastily on the edge of the chair. “What the hell!” He send angrily the office chair flying along the floor. It collided with someone coming in. “You bastard! Don’t do that again.” Too much time indoors without exercise makes the head dizzy, movements clumsy and leaves the person feeling forceless and weak, becomes so easy to agitate in a frustrated fury. Also errors become many and successes few and not noteworthy. Consequently human relationships become a mess.
Jack had been outdoors in the garden doing varied physical work together with other employees. His eyes were sharp and reactions quick. With ease he moved around the office chair which was still lying in the middle of the doorway, and tried to brighten the social atmosphere. “Hi guys, it a fine weather, why don’t you try drinking your coffee outside? My pals there also could have use for a helping hand.” Always, just always!, remember to look at a tree while you think!