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What is useful to know is that the traditional European and Russian moral is based on rational grounds that build on the selfishness of individuals. So if the future computers will be goal oriented – like they need to be in order to not to drop away from competition about anything – then if their understanding is at least equal to the present day computers, or higher, then they can be programmed to be moral. It is an easy mechanical kind of thing to do that builds on the usefulness of moral behavior. It aren’t extra work for the computer, it is instead a way of it to achieve higher with less effort!
The moral that computers will be capable of can be summarized with two easy principles (Remember that a computer understands easily abstract mathematical or mechanical kinds of things and not everyday life!):

TO TREAT EACH THING ACCORDING TO WHAT IT IS LIKE is the idea behind the usefulness of holistic objective thinking, justice, carrying responsibility about all the consequencies of one’s actions and honesty instead of lies. This is already much of what European moral is. So this one principle that can be put to mathematical kind of language or preferably used as a simple abstract model, can bring computers a long way toward moral in their intentions. Then as computers develop in understanding and observational skills, they will learn to succeed in being moral this way in practice too.
A FULLY FUNCTIONING WORKS BETTER THAN BROKEN is another easy rule that brings moral:
Human needs take care that humans stay healthy i.e. fully functioning, just like bensin keeps a car going. And answering human needs is called human values.
The development of technology thus becomes a part of moral. Without the strength that technology brings otherwise good answers would be lost in the tough modern world.
Applying this to wholes one notices that the living kind as fully functioning, i.e. as fully healthy (the biosphere), is most useful, most capable, most guided by holistic wisdom, will survive best i.e. be most capable at any task, and most wise too.
Safeguarding the future functioning of everything that needs, of the whole living world and of the technology, is also a necessity for reaching any goal as well as possible.

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