Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Of women's and men's clishee like position and their clishee like rights

Especially in school age many have misunderstandings and misestimates about women's and men's rights and obligations. Women and men are usually different but not all women alike each other. So women and men have typical rights and obligations which many take as given, but which in fact have grounds on how they behave and what they wish for. So each right is conditional, even if it is a typical right of that gender. Women's rights often are like using well cultivated things in the society, meant for good life, but they are on the condition that you yourself cultivate such thinsg faurly. Men's rights are often of the type that the less able ought to be helped, i.e. adviced by the older ones, professionals etc and given help. They are on teh condition that he does not misuse such differencies in power, skill,position etc, and that he fairly does his share of the obligations. Men and boys often have rights based on being soldier like or in doing healthy good quality, but such rights demand that they use soldier like characteristics in defence of the good of the society, and not against it, and that they really do things in healthy spirit. Women have often rights to influence the lives of others, but those presuppose that one ought to influence with wisdom, wosdom of life, morally and with good will.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pacifism, civilized ways and the need for an army

It is very common that countries have a well organized civil society plus military service for men. Boys do not always understand how these connect. And especially they do not understand what to think of pacifism, women, moral and evil in these matters from the point of view of c´military service.
Countries have armies. Armies protect the countries and support their interests. That is different from evil running free. Evil means things harmful to the society, so that it is a thing to oppose. Evil does not mean soldiers' virtues, strenght, military power, convincing imago etc which are soldiers' characteristics to aim at. Things are called good because they are useful, good for some purpose. That is why these matters connect to good versus evil.
The rules and practises of the civil society build something for the society, a good society to live in, with a good promising future in the world as we know it. Moral rules seek to prevent from breaking these build things. That is why they sound pacifist. But all the world does not belong to the same group, so that one needs to defend them also from outsiders ruining them, which is what an army is needed for. So at the same time as one tries to avoid breaking things valued in the civil society, at the same time one build strenghts and skills for being able in soldier like things, for being able to defend good life and a good future. Joining together to large grouos greates strenght, and so this defendng goes best in big allegiancies, like the country and it's army, it's allies too.

Monday, August 7, 2017

One can help the more able

Some cultivate the view that one cannot help more intelligent, more skilled and more moral ones than what one oneself is. But that is not at all so. Whenever in human contacts or in groups, it matters a lot what the others are like and how they behave. Like if you are on a trip, it matters that also the children can walk some distancies by themselves. Or hat all carry their part of the things taken along.. And that they offer information. And that they do not attack against moral. That they participate in discussions with the intention to understand, and learn, and take those things morally into account in practise. Also if it a question of protection,one can well protect the more able, since two is usually a bigger opponent than just one, and three is even bigger. And taking part even though not fighting is better than betraying. Behaving in civilized ways it is not so big difference between people of different caliber. Interfering with the lives or responsibilities of others is a different things than helping and doing one's part. I wonder how one can be so mistaken to think that one should interfere even if one does not understand differencies like these?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Moral hierargies

Some more stupid or less moral people think that they are low in a hierargy of the society and so do not need to carry responsibility over their actions. But that is not so. Living in a society their deeds do affect, regardless of whether it was planned to have such effects or not, regardless if it was a social deed or something connected to some fact or value. Deeds tend to have side effects, even major effects on other people with different needs than the person doing the deed. So all need to carry responsibility. One way to carry responsibility is to talk to those who cause disasters to others and teach them or guide them socially. It is not a hierargy, it is just a question of skills and of caring for good life in the society, now and in the future, also for different types of persons than oneself. The arrangements and rules in a society are made on a general levl, so that they make life possibilities godd for all types of people by following the same rule. Regardless of whether one is stupid or not wanting to support some area of life or some style, one is oblidged to carry responsibility of how one affects the society and so also to follow it's wise rules. One common way to carry such responsibility is to avoid affecting major matters of the society and of other persons' lives, and to cooperate socially, and to leave the matters of the society to be decided by civilized wisdom, wisely of course.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Advices for white colour

I have a white dog and a brown one (apricot). It appears that the white colour is much more difficult to bear than brown.
White can mean diligency, cleanness and moral. Even though moral means often that things are diligently done, such diligency is tiring, and so in practise white is somethiung that you achieve, a characteristic of things done, and not the whole picture, which shuld be livelier: healthy happy colours mixed in, and not the ground that you start from, which should be more like everyday ife, for example the practical brown and some healthy happy colours mixed in. So you have more energy and the job is less tirying,s ince it is juts some points every now and then and not something to be done all the time.
For moral you need common sense, for which is ok my thinking course at http://quickerlearning.blogspot.fi which quickly explained is looking at a landscaope while observing the structures in it. Together with that and healthy psirit, the easiest forms of moral might be rationally grounded moral: we build somehow useful things in the society, see http://finnishskills.blogspot.fi/2013/04/rationally-grounded-moral.html , and therule "Live and let others life", see http://finnishskills.blogspot.fi/2012/10/live-and-let-others-live.html . For animals the picture of a horse running free in an arch in the latter, is nicest, easiest and most well working: kind of like trees growing in a forest patch: each individual, each living a fullf illing life and in harmony with the rest, not messing with their lives.

Another common type of moral is to think of the world at large, as one huge landscape like picture with the future of the world too, and care for the future generations, wish well for them and care the worldto a better state because of that every time that one meets an important questioon in one's life.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Safety in government jobs with position

"Dear Sirs,
Something which can delay supreme court nomination is lack of safety
and conflicts about what course the court should take. So what brings
safety to government officials?
Rationally grounded moral makes arrangements understandable also to
the selfish individuals and groups, see
Basic view of bureaucrats is that bureaucracy serves to meet people's
needs fairly and according to common sense witha picture of the whole
and civilized wisdom.
Different professions gain safety if they are according to people's
wishes what they with wisdom wish the officials etc to be like. Like
singers should have wisdom of life, police behave according to common
sense and people's views on what kind of moral is ´good to have in a
society, etc.
The Finnish behaviour rule
solves conflicts between individuals, groups and countries. It also
makes government agreed about and law too, if it is placed above them
according to common sense, wisdom and wisdom of life, with a healthy
Maybe also
http://healthilymoral.blogspot.fi/2011/08/world-is-of-love.html . ,
and http://healthilymoral.blogspot.fi/2016/09/why-emperors-maybe-stayed-in-power.html

Maybe also http://finnishskills.blogspot.fi/2015/11/healthy-ways-of-living.html

Monday, May 22, 2017

Position in hierargy is not the same as benefit

Often actors and some criminally inclined think that it would be benefical for them to replace high officials and people in high position by actors and/or exercise pressure on the real persons in positions. But position is just a jib. It exists solely to get the job done. It's reputation comes from the high quality of the work done by the people usually in such a job or by famous such people. If a position would include lots of rights or priviledges without checking well that they are not used to wrong purposes, such positions would deteriorate to crime and would be only harmful to the country. So a high position ought to have just a job, done with good professional skill and civilized wisdom, and no extra rights or priviledges.
Even for a criminal, a high position does not necessarily mean benefit, since high positions are windy places: there are very many people who would want such benefits for themselves or such positions in decisions. Also, since jobs exist to get things done, giving those jobs to skilled persons motivated fro taking well care of the job at hand, would give all the benefit from that job done to the society, and doing so with all jobs would giuve an enermous benefit compared to jobs at wrong hands. So as an ordinary citizen you can so gain more than as a criminal tsealing power and benefit.