Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nationalism and selfishness-based moral

Big matters matter much more than, say, 1 millionth part of them. So it matters enormously for a country to choose a wise strategy in it's foreign relations. Count as a vector sum from 5 (China and India) to 1000 (Finland) as big vectors as your own country's intentions: all to the same direction as your own efforts or all opposing your own country. Cooperation world wide pays well! The small scale cannot compete with a so huge force.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beware of whom you support

Whether you are intelligent, religious, moral or in high position, etc., it is most likely that you are completely unaware of your own huge forces compared to others in your social environment. The differencies of people's capacity are enormous. When you mean to just fix some minor issue like is customary or your obligation, it is likely that you by so doing determine who is next to you in position. Like if there is some evil person who causes problems partly because he does not understand something, if you then teach him those things that you think that everyone should know, it is very likely that he gets so much support from that that nobody else can compete with him, except you yourself. So never support, not even very little, the worst people, but only those who well deserve good position because they are so moral in their heart and actions. Do so even if they appear not to need your help. No-one does well completely without support from likeminded and your helping hand can make a huge difference of how their lives go and what kind of social situation rules in your environment, just because you decide3d to give a helping hand to the most moral people in your environment.

On being accepted

Typically when people meet you, they see a glimpse of your way of life and your perspective to life which brings your way of life and your values. So on seing you, even when passing by on a street, they momentarily tend to understand and accept also your moral. At least if you yourself are a social good-willing person without judging too harshly or causing harm maliciously.
That far ok. But on seing you they do not immediately accept the moral of all those people whom you accept as people like you. For example on seing a good willing social person, they do not immediately accept all religious, happy, liberal minded, beauty oriented, mild, polite, law-oriented rigidy moral, etc. persons, they just do not understand the grounds for their choices on life any more than usual. So do not classify yourself "the same" as all moral people, but only much the same as other people who have the same likings and views that produce in practise the same choices that you find central in your life, since meeting you makes their choices also understandable. Of these others, you can mark that you tend to like their style and value their choices in life because of the good that their choices bring; that much others too can understand and momentarily agree about when they see you.