Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beware of whom you support

Whether you are intelligent, religious, moral or in high position, etc., it is most likely that you are completely unaware of your own huge forces compared to others in your social environment. The differencies of people's capacity are enormous. When you mean to just fix some minor issue like is customary or your obligation, it is likely that you by so doing determine who is next to you in position. Like if there is some evil person who causes problems partly because he does not understand something, if you then teach him those things that you think that everyone should know, it is very likely that he gets so much support from that that nobody else can compete with him, except you yourself. So never support, not even very little, the worst people, but only those who well deserve good position because they are so moral in their heart and actions. Do so even if they appear not to need your help. No-one does well completely without support from likeminded and your helping hand can make a huge difference of how their lives go and what kind of social situation rules in your environment, just because you decide3d to give a helping hand to the most moral people in your environment.

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