Sunday, September 18, 2011

Social skills

How to easily handle technically thinking evil persons if you yourself are a good person who values soft values:

Use a practical perspective which includes mechanical estimates, especially healthy versus broken, as it’s parts just like the perspective of handicrafts has. Use here a landscape like picture which notices also mechanical (“This is bigger than that.”) sides of social relationships and of the functioning of the society. This way when selfishness shows the way and self-cebteredness breaks overly ties to others, there is born a view in which it makes sense for each one to reach for one’s own good and as a result of a building orientation the well functioning of the society appears a beneficalö choice. The ideal “a healthy society, a healthy world and healthy kind of social relationships” looks from this perspective like a choice that makes sense and bthat is supported by positive feelings (and also by the negative feelings if those are interpreted right). Common sense supports life according to one’s own feelings, an uncaring self-centeredness supports liberal-minded allowing ways toward others, one’s own selfishness supports ”We all together for this because this is so nice!” movements and real objectivity with it’s mechanical calculations (which can because they are objectively better replace the technical calculations of the other one) supports an organized society of the traditional European type. This is a view that should be used together woth one’s own common sense. When this perspective is seen in your appearance and in your style and in the context of communication, it typically communicates itself well in a second or so. Please try it out!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A good way to solve problems

According to my experience, most big problems get solved via the solution
when the man-made things are said to be healthy if they are fully functioning, well planned and used rationally in the light of a good objective picture of the world.

Please try this solution! And if you get it to work out, please spread the idea...

Develop a good picture of what the healthy world is like and what the fully healthy ways of living are like. See for my idea of full health.