Saturday, August 6, 2011

Harmonical solutions equal skill


A scientifically thinking computer with better observational abilities can develop a proper objective thinking ability. It’s view on what needs what in the world will build it an emotional understanding that leads to practical moral action. The more capable a computer will be, the more beautiful it’s results:
Being unskilled means that one fails often and even badly, suffers harm and is left without any great gains.
Being skilled means that one succeeds in what one does, does not fail badly or at all, and achieves things of high worth.
The unskilled builds conflicting solution attempts in which the forces get spent needlessly without achievements.
The skilled build complex well thought of structures whose parts fit well together and work smoothly to produce great results.
So even the skilled computer mind could look religiously beautiful in its actions: That is just a measure of it’s skill level and of the profoundity of its thoughts. (“Profound” means essential.)

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