Friday, October 26, 2012

Bastards versus everyday ways

Every time that a plan is intelligently enough made, it aloows everyday life to run smoothly without anything special, things just go easy for all.
But if someone cannot follow so complex thoughts and thinks that they are just a mess of nonsense, they typically try to replace such well working plans by simpler more clumsy alternatives that have some idea, lots of rich sounding claims without proper grounds and have consequencies that are not thought of and lead to failures, generally to harm to smaller ones or more sensitive ones. The more intelligent others see those faults, compare to the original commonly agreed well working plan that allows everyday life run nicely, and say to him or her: "You bastard, you cannot do that!". The stupid one thinks: "These bastard like ways bring money and position.", since that is his/her best guesss of what a good plan for success in the world looks like. But of course he/she is badly, sadly mistaken, all wrong! And the nice everyday ways much more intelligent!
A stupid plan typically has lots of straight lines and boxes and the like, lots of clumsy guesses without proper grounds and ruthless running over obvious facts that are too difficult for him/her to take into account but which others and everyday ways can well care for in nice objectively intelligent ways. Good plans look realistical like the sensed reality in it's complexity, and taste like life and not like some institution. Good plans care friendlily for, since they are so skilled: succeed a lot, in big and small matters, and fail only rarely and even then in only little matters. Good plan care for life and for the ground of the future, good plans have wisdom of life and responsibility. Poor plans play everything on some onbe card of which they cannot be sure of to succeed but on which everything is placed, grounded on trust on words without the ability to check important things for sure always by all roughly moral or otherwise healthily living ones like common sense and wisdom of life demand.

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