Thursday, September 6, 2012

Children upbringing and moral

Kinderkarten aged children make lots of estimates of what would be a good tactic in the world and in life. Here is what you can teach them about such estimates, so thaqt they learn to think them through correctly in a way that supports lots of things that adults find worthy and agrees with a happy allowing kind of moral that brings strenght in the world and a happy fullfilling life:
Healthy is strong and happy. Broken does not function at all and even partly functioning is weak and does not work well. Each time that you want to estimate the strenght of some tactic, apply the comparison healthy versus broken to each whole. The biggest wholes influence the most, so it matters the most to get them healthy. A healthy part of a healthy whole is rthe best tactic in everything. The whole world is the biggest whole, it is important to keep it healthy. Of enemies it matters more that they should be healthily parts of the bigger wholes that you belong to, than it makes sense to avoid them being strong.
In tools, rechnology and other man-made things "healthy" means fully functioning, optimized to several purposes at the same time (like evolution or god's wisdom in creation work) and meaningfully used in the light of one's whole picture of the world. Everything healthy is the best tactic in the world.
In the future scenariuo that machines, mafia or enemy nations take control, one can opitmize things for their benefit: everything healthy gives the best working force etc. See

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