Friday, August 24, 2012

Skill looks like moral

(What would you answer, if someone asked you: "I suppose that you are average intelligent?" "Umph, well... eh..." "Ok, I take it that you are roughly average intelligent.")

If you are not skilled in what you do, you get:
- lots of failures
- a lot lost
- only few successes
- successes are little things
- the arrangements are contradictory and thought only at the level of the parts
- lots of work needed
- only a little benefit
If you were considered average, you would appear to be evil because of these drawbacks that you should have avoided.

If you are skilled, you get:
+ only  few failures
+ all the failures are minor ones
+ lost only a little
+ lots of successes
+ successes on fine great things
+ harmonical solutions in which things work well together and everything is thought also from the point of view of the whole
+ only a little effort
+ big benefits so gained
If people would mistake you for average, they would think that you are moral.

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