Friday, July 13, 2012

Guarding moral (an observation)

Different people have different life situations and different social environments. Due to that they have different possibilities in life. They also need different amounts of different things. What one dearly needs a lot may be a horror to another without either one lying or pretending. For example the stupid need schooling while the intelligent ones do better when they can do things in their own ways.
People say no when they do not need something. If that does not stop the excess in that thing, they turn careless toward that thing. And if that either does not stop the excess, they turn hostile toward that thing in their lives and hostile toward those who try to force more of that to their lives. But if someone lacks something, they ask for it or try to arrange3 it otherwise and they feel very satisfied when they have it. If they lack it even more, they take it seriously, if needed, they will dedicate their whole lives into getting it and arranging that possibility in the world.
Since the needs of people differ, one should meet each person's needs separately and avoid offering any unwanted extra to anyone, especially if others need that thing, because otherwise those who have extra will sabotage the living possibilities of others. For example some people need rights to influence the society morally while others think such rights too trusting and naive and try to sabotage such rights away. The social position of each person should failry rerflect these kinds of differencies of who cultivates what, and who does not. The area that each person affecvts should not exceed the area that she7HE CARRIES RESPONSIBILITY OVER.

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