Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The position of each person in the world

All people do not understand that also social contacts and social life are parts of the world. So what there are rules aboutcorrect behaviour in the world, apply also to all social contacts! Always peopledo not follow that good moral, but that is a problem, a malfunction and not some separate right of them.
There is a right place for each person in the world. In that they affect the world toward good, to a flourishing fair life in what comes to their effect. And they have a good life at that place in the world and in hierargies. Lower they are somewhat dimmed, not affecting as much toward good as they would in their right position. Higher than that their effect just goes ashtray and they meet lots of oppisition, end up in fights.
Also social endeavours are counted in things for which one needs enough skills and moral before they are allowed, for example opposing some professional work may need an understanding of the world and good enough behaviour. On the other hand, so need those professions too but typically even more or then they must stick to being just subordinates of those who understand the world and carry respensibility about the world.

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