Friday, June 15, 2018

Objective feedback makes the society work like market economy's idea is

Often people give different feedback to different people, to each one something like what the person is like, hiw she or he behaves right then and usually, taking their cunning plans into account too and not believing in lies. In some this causes a rebellion. They would like to redirect the feedback to some person who in their eyes is like that in style or just it's opposite which they often consiuder defenceless or longing for such. But it is important that each person would get feedback just about their own behaviour, values etc, since so they can themselves see what they are creating into the world. One can so also compare the different options and tactics in the society, which makes the society work a little bit like the idea in market economies is. But that means treating each person fairly, not presupposing some rigid hierarchy of likings, dislikings etc.

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