Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Correcting if some part of the society is opposite of what is the idea in having it

Sometimes rigid rules are difficult to follow and difficult to put to practise. And so some parts of the society may in practise be quite opposite to what they ought to be, for example the police for crimes instead of opposing them. This is often at least partly a question of the skill level of the people in that profession and of the environment. Very basic things are easier to understand, at least if one has studied them, and so they more often et right. On the other hand more complex advanced things may be so full of dependencies on this and that, that poeple do not get right what is the idea in the goal, and so the task has become impossible or goes in practise wrong. Like for exampe if the police is too rule like, just about all forces in the society pulling to other directions, it is then much more difficult to put to practise than just going through the grounds for basic arrangements in common sense objective conversations that understand about life. But very basic isn't the same as very stupid, since with more skill one can find more common sense like answers.
Another thing to take into account is the motivcation of the workers: what kind of jobs would they be suited to? And what country they long for, which country's ways and values they seek to follow and advance in the environment?

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