Sunday, March 4, 2018

An actor is not in safety

Usually in a society things run quite ordinary routes and if something goes wrong, the people around try to correct things back to normal, back to well. But that demands that they can notice the situation. Often problems are caused by criminals, and so it matters a lot that wehn you are deep in trouble no-one manages to make you look perfectly fine. That is so for roughly honest people without much acting skills, but for actors with high skill the safety net is lacking since they can be pressured to acting that all is well, and so the ordinary safety nets and emergency helps of the society do not come to question, and so an actor can be very miserable, for example a dug addict in addition to other problems. Yet one could always comform to well behaving ways and good will, kind of follow the ways of the rest of the society, if one is an ordinary person and does not want to reveal everything about oneself, but so one would be protected somewhat like one maybe supposes that an actor would be - well, but an actor isn't, since mostly there are quite many criminally inclined and foreign intersts around.

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