Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Protecting press

Since the beginning of November last year, has our local countryside town's newspaper's journalists disappeared and replaced by actors who are not interested in the subjects they write about but who are very interested in being in sight and maybe messing how the society is run. As far as I know, such usually does not happen in Finland but maybe happens abroad. I got the idea that the main motivation is being in sight, in important places, replacing valued people. Such seems to happen when ordinary people are not sincere but kind of pretending or acting, so that they are kind of like actors deeds, and so an actor thinks that that is all that the position is about. So it is likely to happen in places where people tend to act a lot. And especially if the contents, the idea in that kind of work and it's motivation are not emphasized. Whoever makes the newspaper ought to be skilled in the things they write about and not a young unexperienced person. They also should have those things in their liuves, be sincerely intewrested in them and not in entirely differemt things in that context. Being famous or in sight is a work to be done with skill, not some position in which to do something else. People value the person in the position for what they learn from him or her. Only mistakes in communication, not real position, come from person without teaching skills being in such position.

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