Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Politics, rigid thought forms, hierargies, skill and democracy

I do not know so much of politics, but it seems that in the old times when Finladn was young, there were more thoughts and ideals leading and nowadays some tv shows with lied looks, not so much sincere facts. his seems to connect with foreigners wanting to learn about Finland arranging things peacefully, and so foreign errors made visible in the media, ruining Finnish ways. And it seems to connect with too rigid forms overruling the freedomof individuals of so the freedom of the people. Politics seeks to be accessible for an as wide audience of Finnish adults as possible, partly for kids too. That means that some normal, often repeated thought and values of the parties are simple and simple in form and try to apply to many things at once. Because they are simple, some good speakers for them are not at all intelligent, more like discussing social people taking opart in everyday life, seeing this and that point as they are told about them and repeating them later. This simplicity is needed in speaking for crowds and media. But it shoudl be also outspokenness in grounds for values, in the pictures of the world used, and not just empty words repeated. For the situations where there aren't so many lsiteners at the same time or when oneassociates with one group only like with some association and it's members, one can then use a more intelligent approach, discuss thing more at lenght, yet not making it a separate endeavour like a mindless idiot would do.
Poltics is also influenced by the need of running a demicracy in the middle of foreign influencies, which may be disguised as the influencues of big companies etc. Foreign countries lack Finnish ground for Finnish decisions, so one task of polityics is to go through the different ground for political decisions in the media and also in smaller circles, to teach them. So politics is a discussion also in thsi sense. Often foreigners are interested in economical benefit. To create economical benefit the wholes in the society which create that benefit ought to be well kept, i.e. whole, well arranged, well working, not exhausting the gorund for such benefit in the future, the society running smoothly at that place, getting support from the other parts of the society and from the workers, using a good understanding in these and so giving the workers and their families also a good life, a good society to live in. This kind of arrangements are a good cultural influence from Finland to abroad, but they should not be copied detailedly but instead their basci grounds understood and new arrangements made in each country by thinking these things through in their country, climate, culture, national character, values of people about what life shoudl be like, what they bother about in their society, what isgood for them, how is a good wuise future quaranteed for the soceity etc. This is not so difficult to think through as it might appear. Just think of one individual or type of individuals in time:why are they wuilling to go to work, what kind of benefits they want, what kind of job they like and how well would they take care of it, what is it's value in the society, how much wage ought they get to get a good life and what other arrangements and possibilities in the society they need, want, which things are good for them and which unwise and ought to be avoided. And so what a good society be like in that climate. What would it bother about, what would it follow, how skilled would it be, what is know about the long time endurancy of such cultural features and benefits, what should they avoid and how they keep way from ruining such things, which areas of life would they specialize into, besatisfied with and who would be eager,s killed and responsible enough to care for the rest and how would the society follow such arrangements, their needs and their need for distance.

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