Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Basics of a well working society

A well working society is build on what the people are like, not on the goverment etc. Kind of what the people in their laziness do, that they continue on their old tracks that they are comfortable with, that they learn new things in areas of interest to them and do not bother about everything. So an African does not get a well working African society by travelling to Europe to learn from the European societies well functioning ways and problem solving skills. Insteadan African village has a well working well kept water well, if that is a central value for all the people in that area, if they value a good well highly enough, and if they have the sufficient skills for that in that place and culture. If they do not have the motivation, the well is likely to get spoiled. If most have a high motivation but some want to spoil the well, thoise with a high motivation kill the sabotagers, and so they still have a well working well for drinking water. Also if they traditionally did not have a good well but with extra skill they nowadays could have it and they npwadays and in the future have a high motivation for the well, they are likely to invest in things and skills that make it possible for them to learn the skills for making and maintaining well the well.

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