Sunday, August 12, 2018

It is not always good to aim to know everything

My momn sometime said when there was talk about famous old Finnish artists that the wife Venny Soldan-Brofeldt of a famous Finnish writer Juhani Aho is very important because her name brings to mind roughly the words "who now - soldier, brother/countryman died in war" and many young men are very interested to know who dies in a war and who attacks. But the image in mind one gets from her is not of military strenght but of things gone ashtray: maybe she got the knowledge by allying with enemies, so that it had no military usefulness. Also, many liars would like to have such position, to be a  person with such a name,so that it isn'tr a good source of information.
Generally,all knowledge isn't good to have,since often the price becomes too high. You get to know a lot if you are a kind of copy of the other one, but so you lose your own viewpoint, your own wisdom, your own freedom. Likewise, is you oppose something, it is because ity somehow lessens your possibilities to your kind of life you think, so changing to a copy of the other one does not make your life better but instead smallens the room for such. Such is of course not true when the other culture or supposed enemy or victim of yours is wiser than you and ha´s more wisdomof life, if which you could learn good life, like is the situation of Finns: Finland has wisdom of healthy ways of living and arranging a society, high skillstoo, but that is different frommilitary spying. Spies often like to tell tales tro get money and respect,so they often like to create a big mess like an actor, and do not cure things with the information they offer. If the enemy is less wise than you, you lose a lot of strenght and possibilities for good life in the society in your own country by copying him/her/that culture, and that is typically the pitfal young boys fall into. What they should know is about strenght and wise tactics,and those go via investing in health in everything, in healthy ways of doing things, for example that defending a countrey should be done in ways that are good for a country instead of ruining the country, and that practising ought to handle those things which bring skills and do not ruin the thing in question.
About learning useful Finnish skills
Finnish ways of being social give typically much more information about others and other cultures, even with less contact, than such throwing oneself at the mercy of others, and Finnish ways of being social and at the smae time looking from the point of view of the sssocietybring much more wisdom and strenght, a better position.
An enemy is not like another enemy, all countries and cultures are different, with the other countries in the same climate it is easiest to symphatize since there is something alike in living conditions. Far away countries and cultures may look tempting but often they lack our culture's basic good sides that are here present in everything, but faraway cultures too may be widely different for example civilized Asian versus complete lack of moral and rationality in Africa.
If the problem is that a young boy does not yet know what is an enemy, why would someone be called an enemy, and yet is aiming to be a soldier commanded to a war, propably he should instead practise skills for life, to be a healthy ibdividual in a healthy society, and to start with to be a pacifist and then only later after having learned about life, cultures, societies, different times,about different times in one's own life and their level of wisdom, maybe then across years he could learn if there is anything that in his opinion needs to be defended against. Bearing all hardship isn't the point since such makes lives miserable, loses the good sides of the modern world, instead healthy ways to grow in trenght and wisdom often bring a good understanding as one ages.

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