Monday, August 5, 2013

Whom groups support

The thoughts of those who are much more stupid than oneself are easy to follow and usually block like. Such thoughts are easy to agree about if there is no error in them, and generally one can find ways to support them further on that road since one oneself can think farther on those same lines.
The thoughts of those who are much more intelligent than oneself, go too quickly, cover vast areas and may have obscure grounds for their views. Such thoughts are not as easy to follow and they tend to leave one speechless and without clear opinion along the same lines. Often one answers just "Maybe so." or the like.
This is the reason why groups tend to support the position of their stupid members who do not have much to give to the advanging of the common cause of the group. And gorups tend to leave aside the view of intelligent experienced ones who would have superbly much to give to the advancing of the common cause of the group.
This way women, elderly and intelligent ones tend to get bypassed in groups and stupid men gain position, just because all others are up to their level of understanding, and easily!
Maybe if one would notice this tendency to support more stupid views than one's own, one could learn to benefit from the wisdom of the most skilled and intelligent.

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