Friday, August 30, 2013

The ability to social maneuvers

Often when one gets social influence from a more evil type of person, one notices that that person is dizzy and does not observe much, his movements are clumsy and elementary in skill, and in social matters he does not observe much at all. Such features are likely to lead to social collisions and short-sighted tactics, which make evil a temptating option for him. Such lack of skills is a consequnece of a hostile uncaring attitude toward others. It also makes the person's actions quite transparent to the average person.
If one gets social influence from a good willing person, one notices that they notice a lot, complex landscapes of things with ease. They have sensitive movements and a great variation in maneuvers. If they are sincere with their heart, they can choose many styles and emphatize with the views of others.  So they are not at all so transparent and  they are capable of clever tactics.
A person who values thinking and theory above social matters etc., is in a sense uncaring and that is why he/she does not observe much in social metters and is not able to perform complex maneuvers.

The young and unexperienced would have guessed that real criminals cheat all and do things nastily, but that is not so easy, since a hostile attitude makes one clumsier.

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