Monday, October 14, 2013

Get support from religion & Arts

Moral looks like religion, so often moral people are not at all socially pressured toward religion, while nonmoral evil people are strongly pressured toward religios life. So it often happens that the huge strength of religion supports in practise wrong typ ofg people. Religion would be a natural ally for moral people, who also often are fascinarted by the beauty and dedication of religious life. If you as a moral person would pray at least once in a half an hour for something important in your own life or in the world at large, that already could help a lot, if you also visited church at least twice a year.

There is the same type of error with who practices arts. The not-at-all artistic feel that arts are everywhere, that others kind of live a life of arts, their feelings music etc., so they too start an art hobby. While those feeling people with healthy mind and spirit who find arts fascinating and near their own nature, feel that the modern world lacks arts, so their social life too, and so they feel that they do not get a proper good chance to practise arts. But if you find sensitivity to impressions, nature, feelings, wisdom of life etc. near your heart, you could be the one who gets lots of wisdom from practising arts!

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