Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Skilled peaceful tactics

If someone is stupid, sort-sighted and lacks skills, he errs in some of his choices, causes lots of damage as a side effect of his tactics and ends up in collisions with others. He needs to fight and that rresults in damage and nothing much gained.
If someone is intelligent, wise and skilled, she succeeds a lot and is able to pay attention to all sides of things so finding well working solutions that others too like. She finds herself in nice friendly social life and has no need to fight, she has found a much better end result without fighting at all.
If the skilled peaceful one meets a short-sighted person who wants to fight, she can well see the grounds for her own peaceful choices and see where she has advantage that has led her to choose her tactics like she has. Her skills give her advantage too. And social eye brings allegiancies.
All do not end up in conflicts, and they make better choices with wisdom and social skill, with an eye for the workings of the world and of the social relationships.

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