Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pacifism, civilized ways and the need for an army

It is very common that countries have a well organized civil society plus military service for men. Boys do not always understand how these connect. And especially they do not understand what to think of pacifism, women, moral and evil in these matters from the point of view of c´military service.
Countries have armies. Armies protect the countries and support their interests. That is different from evil running free. Evil means things harmful to the society, so that it is a thing to oppose. Evil does not mean soldiers' virtues, strenght, military power, convincing imago etc which are soldiers' characteristics to aim at. Things are called good because they are useful, good for some purpose. That is why these matters connect to good versus evil.
The rules and practises of the civil society build something for the society, a good society to live in, with a good promising future in the world as we know it. Moral rules seek to prevent from breaking these build things. That is why they sound pacifist. But all the world does not belong to the same group, so that one needs to defend them also from outsiders ruining them, which is what an army is needed for. So at the same time as one tries to avoid breaking things valued in the civil society, at the same time one build strenghts and skills for being able in soldier like things, for being able to defend good life and a good future. Joining together to large grouos greates strenght, and so this defendng goes best in big allegiancies, like the country and it's army, it's allies too.

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