Sunday, July 30, 2017

Moral hierargies

Some more stupid or less moral people think that they are low in a hierargy of the society and so do not need to carry responsibility over their actions. But that is not so. Living in a society their deeds do affect, regardless of whether it was planned to have such effects or not, regardless if it was a social deed or something connected to some fact or value. Deeds tend to have side effects, even major effects on other people with different needs than the person doing the deed. So all need to carry responsibility. One way to carry responsibility is to talk to those who cause disasters to others and teach them or guide them socially. It is not a hierargy, it is just a question of skills and of caring for good life in the society, now and in the future, also for different types of persons than oneself. The arrangements and rules in a society are made on a general levl, so that they make life possibilities godd for all types of people by following the same rule. Regardless of whether one is stupid or not wanting to support some area of life or some style, one is oblidged to carry responsibility of how one affects the society and so also to follow it's wise rules. One common way to carry such responsibility is to avoid affecting major matters of the society and of other persons' lives, and to cooperate socially, and to leave the matters of the society to be decided by civilized wisdom, wisely of course.

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