Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Safety in government jobs with position

"Dear Sirs,
Something which can delay supreme court nomination is lack of safety
and conflicts about what course the court should take. So what brings
safety to government officials?
Rationally grounded moral makes arrangements understandable also to
the selfish individuals and groups, see
Basic view of bureaucrats is that bureaucracy serves to meet people's
needs fairly and according to common sense witha picture of the whole
and civilized wisdom.
Different professions gain safety if they are according to people's
wishes what they with wisdom wish the officials etc to be like. Like
singers should have wisdom of life, police behave according to common
sense and people's views on what kind of moral is ´good to have in a
society, etc.
The Finnish behaviour rule
solves conflicts between individuals, groups and countries. It also
makes government agreed about and law too, if it is placed above them
according to common sense, wisdom and wisdom of life, with a healthy
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