Thursday, February 2, 2017

African lack of moral

African weather brings short-sightedness if one is not skilled in living with the heat. One things which affects a lot is what kind of food one eats and when. As far as I know, a good type of meal fitted for living wisely with the weathers, helps already even once a month but much more if eaten daily. At least in Finnish climate a meal of fish, rise and cooked vegetables brings a better touch of living wisely with the weathers. The Finnish climate is very different, almost arctic, but summer time daytime temperatures on hot days may rise to as high as roughly 30C, so just in case that it helps abroad, Finnish advices about living wisely the summer:

Often people are short-sigheted when their professional and other forefigures are much less intelligent than they are. So finding widely more skilled forefigures would help a lot. For example small wild birds may be more intelligent tahn apes and some apes more intelligent and farseeing than other apes.
In addition one needs civilized wisdom about what is a good way to live in a society, see and and about healthy ways of living and wisdom of life .
Intelligece one can learn from my blogs and plus from video playlists at .

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(I was left wondering about African meals. Could one try different dishes and find out what makes one feel well and how often it is good to eat so in the local climate and with some type of activity & strain during the day? Would an evening snack of some fresh vegetables sallad, (maybe  a wineberry(??)) and a piece of a Carelian pie make one sleep well?)

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