Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dark or light?

As one via age  learns new skills, one first as a kid becomes a member of the adult's world, then later  truly a part of it, then somewhat too skilled for some tasks, then too skilled for many to communicate with, then not understood. Likewise one learns to solve problems in life and of the world, and so later on one has more answers and more skilled style, but less understood anymore. So at first one maybe were for tough realism as a kid, kind of dark, then later average, then light, then out of sight, then dark or light or whatever when one part of the time succeeds in communicating answers found and part of the time is too different to be understood right. So from communication one changes to out of tune but full of answers - finds religion, art, upbringing of the next generation, etc.

On the other hand some try to start from the difficult end and so they lack quality, kind of full of lies. Or someone skilled loses touch with daily chores and so loses basic skills which bring quality. And both gorups some tend to encourage to tasks which require great skill. So it goes ashtray.

All people may have the same building parts, kind of rational, kind of caring for things they consider impirtant. But all do not stick to the level they know well and care about, but mess with the wider world, and so things go ashtray. Or they are social unobjectively in questions that should be parts of the society, of civilized ways and not of social life and personal choises.

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