Friday, July 15, 2016

A sense of different areas of life as interests

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A translation from Finnish:

"A282. Evil and as cures "live and let others live, sefishness, healthy spirit, pictures of wholes and a sense of different areas of life as interests
If the human nature is the same as healthy natural ages old ways of living, it is quite neutral in questions of good and evil: both tough in the hard world and also taking care of the common future to a good state. If onbe makes divisions right, one could see human action as consisting of parts of healthy ways of living with healthy spirit, and in that sense as morally ok. But if one makes large thought errors or estimates areas affected wrng, then the end result can be evil. In estimating right areas to affect the rule "Live and letr others live" is a good rule, which also leaves the individuals so much room to live in that their need to do evil things to get space to live in gets small. Healthy common sense and pictures of wholes are needed as helping aids in that.
If somebody influences all wrong, he or she is typically in a different area of life than what he or she is really interested in  and often in other size class too. It is usual that he/she claimed to be fine in every way and good enough for just about anything, but those things have been parts of the dream way of life of others and not his/her own things, which could have been found by specializing into them, but others would not have considered such fine, interesting or even valued but which for the individual would have been his/her dream life.
It is easiest to get everything right if one is with healthy spirit. That is teh ages old right answer to everything. And selfishness is a part of that but demands getting the areas affected right."

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