Sunday, August 2, 2015

Preventing violence

There is a need for violence f some get too squeezed, for example if some institution needs repairing or has as it's workers malicious people who lie. So the ability to notice lies, especially outrageous lies that cover evil deeds, and the tendency to not to accept lies as excuses for doing evil lessens the need for violence. If some institution goes all wrong, that is a serious fault and should not be tolerated "even if" the workers there lie. Better than having a wrongdoing worker, is to have no such worker at all, at least not in a deciding position.
The ability to notice well crimes done by foreigners, would in my opinion demand an understanding of how climate differencies, closeness of borders, major money sources etc affect culture, normal ways to do things and moral - and how to recognize what country people are originally from.
One also needs a good idea of how to defend things and how much violence to use and how much room for freedom to leave to each person or gorup. The Finnish rule "Live and let others live!" is very good for that purpose!

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