Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Use a picture of the whole

Typically foreigners think that the advice to use a picture of the whole means a certain kind of picture of the whole with rules etc, and so they refuse tyo use it because nobody teaches them such. But a picture of the whole means any kind of picture of the whole, it means your own version. Just mark in it the things that you know, for example instead of just mentioning "She is a Finn.", mention also "Finns live in Finland.". For example a map of the world is an ok picture of the whole. If you mark like this "She wants that and I want this. " and also "I live here, I am doing this. She lives there and shre is doing that.", then you can easily solve most problems by grouping people with different opinion to different groups, like "I do this and they do that." or "We live here and have our lives here. And they live there far away and have their lives there." Just include all your knowledge in your picture of the whole, and it becomes easy for you to avoid needless conflicts.

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