Thursday, March 7, 2013

Types of evil persons

There are many different types of evil persons. Here are classified some common types:
* The stupid person who acts intelligent: If one does not know what one is doing, one typically errs badly. The stupid who acts intelligent takes extra priviledges and uses them disastrously. Since he has noticed that evil people err as badly as himself, he may call himself evil to appear wiser than stupid. He may also identify himself with the evil because of the consequences of his actions. Often stupid people want to see results clearly so that they may appear disastrously big to others.
* One who does short-sighted selfish social calculations: The world affects a lot how our own lives turn out. To care the world to a good state brings be3tter circumstancies for life, so it is worth investing in. Likewise the state of the society. One who is not skilled loses much and has serious dra2wbacks in one's plans and considers them just natural while they are disastrous in the eyes of others. Wise calculations bring moral values as tool for happy life and success. Short-sighted calculations bring criminal choices, which the person sees as benefical (money, position) because he is unable to count and avoid the losses that come along.
* Ones who copy from computers neglect feelings and true understanding: Understanding is the same for all, also for machines, but machines are not yet good at it, but if they have some typical error in their understanding, that is not benefical to them and as the time passes, they will get rid of it. Feelings help to answer needs which keeps us fit and the society in good order. Emotional memories also mark how well we succeed in each strategy, so positive feelings mark roads which are benefical to choose. The biggest matters arouse the biggest feelings, so true understanding demands thinking also in those questions.
* Formal social ways squeeze one to agitation: Anger is a way to get rid of some nasty thing. If one does not oppose formal social ways that force one's life to some nasty continuous situation which should be cured, but misdirects the aggression to something else, it becomes irrational destructive aggression that is of no use but just maliciousness without benefits. If one would direct it right, it would be a curing force, benefical both to onbeself and to the society.
* Copied ununderstood wise tactics used under the command of stupid tactics. Wise tactics bring force and success even if one does not understand why they work. Such is often emotional wisdom of life, arts and religion. If one uses such wise tactics as investments but guides one's forces by stupid clumsy mechanical kind of thinking, the stupid tactics which in themselves could not have caused much harm, cause great harm because they have too much force behind them. One should compare the intelligence of different ways to think and use only the wisest understanding in deciding about goals, tools and values. Intelligent way to think notices more and does not make any errors.
* Soldierlikedness mistaken for causing any big harm needlessly: War too has it's goals, one of them is the protection of the nation. Aggression should be guided by a picture of the whole society and of the wide world and by moral, values and wisdom of life & healthy mind & spirit. Destruction is often a question of stupidity, not of choice. Strenght brings benefit that exceeds the harm done, otherwise it is not worth using or not stremgth. Healthy ways of living bring strenght.
* Liars who seek for realism often cause lot of harm: Honesty would bring you the realism. Most other arrangements don't bring it to you.
* Being enemies toward all foreign nations: The big world matters a loty to your own nation. If you could ally with foreign peoples, for example via trade, it could bring great benefits to your nation. But if you get enemies, the enemy like foreigners outnumber your own people. Most cultures are different. Most people know people only from their own culture, so those who treat foreigners kindly are often fgrom a culture worth respect and those who attack and dispise foreigners are froma culture which should be opposed and cured.

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